2. Interactive installation

  3. Intervention #4

  4. Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

  5. 1 March - 16 November 2008

  6. Geert Mul 2008



  1. The museum Boijmans van Beuningen invited the artist Geert Mul (1965) to create an interactive installation. ‘Horizons’ is an intervention within the museums classic collection:  Collection One.

  2. Geert Mul selected works of art from the Museum’s collection that feature a horizon and stored them within a database. Specially developed software fuses the horizons and processes them into projections on the wall. Visitors activate the work by moving through the space. As they approach the projected image, the landscapes fragment, thus establishing a direct link between body and image. Representations of landscapes from the entirety of art history pass by on the horizon.

  3. Software: Carlo Prelz

  4. Production: Mothership

  5. Audio mastering: Gideon Kiers

  6. Special thanks to RONMANDOS gallery and

  7. Sjarel Ex